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Barbie Terminology

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In case you were ever wondering "What the heck does this mean?" Maybe this will help.

Collector Edition - Dolls designed specifically for collectors aged 14 and over. Collector Edition dolls usually come in showcase packaging, with a stand and a certificate of authenticity.

Customized - Dolls designed exclusively for specific retail stores are referred to as "customized".

Limited Edition - Collector Edition dolls produced in limited quantities worldwide, which are often available only from specific retailers. These dolls generally feature higher-quality materials and construction than non-limited dolls.

OSS - Stands for "original swimsuit". Denotes a doll that is still dressed in the swimsuit it originally came in.

Ponytail - Barbie's first hairstyle consisted of a top-knot ponytail with tightly-curled bangs. Dolls with this hairstyle are referred to by collectors as the "ponytail" dolls. Early Barbie dolls are organized into five major groups based on various physical characterstics that can be used to determine when a particular doll was manufactured. The major categories are denoted by numbers:

#1 - 1959; The first Barbie doll. White irises, blue eyeliner, sharply arched eyebrows. Has holes in feet lined with copper tubing. Body material whitens with age. Wears black and white swimsuit. Marked "Barbie TM..." on buttock.
#2 - 1959; same as #1, but without the copper-lined tubes in the feet.
#3 - 1960; New blue irises and softer, curved eyebrows. Some dolls have brown eyeliner.
#4 - 1960; Made with a new vinyl that retains its tan coloring. Blue eyeliner only.
#5 - 1961; Bangs now made of a stiffer fiber. Lighter in weight due to a hollow torso, marked "Barbie (r)..." on buttock.
#6 - 1961; Same as #5. Came wearing a new red swimsuit.
#7 - 1963; Body now marked "Midge TM (c) 1962 Barbie (r)(c) 1958 by Mattel, Inc."
#8 - 1964; Same as #7, but "Patented" added to the end of markings.

Timeless Treasures - A Collector Edition line featuring celebrity and character dolls.

TNT - "Twist 'N Turn" Waist. A waist with a rotational joint, originally introduced in 1967, copyrighted in 1966. Many variations of this original design have been used.

Vintage - Dolls produced through 1972 are generally considered to be "vintage."

Modern - Dolls produced after 1972.

NRFB - Stands for "Never Removed From Box." Indicates that a doll is undisturbed in its original, un-opened packaging.

MIB - Stands for "Mint in Box." Indicates that a doll is in perfect, like-new condition, and is still housed in its original box, but the box has been opened and the doll may have been removed at some point.

A/O - "All original." Indicates that a doll is exactly as it was when it was originally left the factory, with no restoration work having been done to it.

M/C - "Mint and complete." An outfit in perfect, just-out-of-the box condition with all pieces and accessories included.

OOAK - "One of a kind." A doll that has been customized by an artist, usually by repainting and/or rerooting the hair.

I hope that this helps in your search to find the perfect Barbie for you!!